Our Services


It is important to be mindful while choosing a Freight Logistics service provider as it is one of your most critical business choices. We have practical experience in logistical solutions for wholesalers and merchants. Kamiyah Korp LLC as well deals in logistics solutions. Our expertise and competency are intended to furnish shippers and manufacturers with a seamless experience. We ensure on-time services and guarantee that all the operations are done on time.


Our Dispatching Services have the experience and knowledge to suit your business needs. We are an affordable option – our customers have saved money by choosing to work with us. Solutions incorporate services from our offices’ shipper-to-port/airport services. With clear and simple estimates from verified, high-quality dispatching service providers, choose for the best freight logistics solution for your business.


We are a professional team that always makes sure to satisfy our clients until the end of the task. Our shippers come from a wide range of industries and companies, which is exactly what we want. Transportation is one of the main parts of Kamiyah Korp LLC; we deliver products from one location to another ensuring safety. Kamiyah Korp LLC will furnish you with the best delivery time and transportation. We will accept nothing less than the best, Kamiyah Korp LLC only uses the most up-to-date equipment and the safest, most competent drivers available.